Delaying Ejaculation Naturally
and Quick with Gambir Sarawak!

Premature ejaculation is not something most males want to think about, but the fact is, about one in three men will suffer from this sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives. Finding a way to get rid of premature ejaculation is difficult; not only is it hard to sift through all of the information about this problem and finding a cure for it, but many men for obvious reasons don't like to acknowledge that they even have the problem! The combination makes finding a natural cure for premature ejaculation difficult at best. But never fear- you have come to right place to find the best product to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions, but its definition is a bit nebulous. Loosely speaking, it is the condition whereby a male ejaculates too quickly, leaving both himself and his partner dissatisfied. If you ejaculate within 2 or 3 minutes, most likely you are one of those who can’t last longer in bed.

The condition is problematic. Not only does it reduce sexual pleasure for both partners, but it also takes a hit on a man's self confidence (making it more likely to happen next time). Premature ejaculation takes a heavy toll on relationships, on family life and on a man's feeling of self worth, so it's definitely worthwhile to seek for ways for delaying ejaculation.

Where does Premature Ejaculation Come From?

There are a few root causes believed to be the cause of premature ejaculation. Most of them are environmental, a few are medical.

  • Learning that to masturbate is shameful, ergo it is done quickly to avoid shame. This is why premature ejaculation tends to hit younger men; they are used to going quick and so when they are faced with sex for the first few times, the habit dies hard.
  • Illness. Some illnesses cause premature ejaculation as a loose symptom. Sometimes a few pills such as for certain medical conditions may cause premature ejaculation as a side effect too.
  • Fear. Some men are simply so fearful of not being able to last longer in bed. A low self esteem may also show up in premature ejaculation and is made worse by the problem. Therefore the problem is always there.
  • Lack of empathy. Some men just don't care what their partner thinks and is only in it for themselves so they don't even try to last longer until it's too late!
  • Inexperience. Some men simply haven't had a lot of sex and so don't know how to delay their own pleasures. They have few or no techniques for sex and end up just doing it as fast as possible.

While some of these things can be overcome with therapy and care, others are more difficult to deal with and frankly, who wants to wait for good sex to maybe come someday? – We have the natural herb to help you to last longer in bed with immediate effect- Gambir Sarawak.

Natural Way for Delaying Ejaculation

It may be fine and well to turn to a pill, but nowadays, there is a stronger push for more natural ingredients to help delaying ejaculation. If you want a natural cure for premature ejaculation, then you've come to the right place: Gambir Sarawak is the answer to the problem.

What is Gambir Sarawak?

The scientific name of Gambir Sarawak Uncaria Gambir. It is a herb found only in Sarawak, Borneo. The finish product of Gambir Sarawak is actually the extract from the leaves of Gambir Plant.

Gambir Sarawak has always been taken as food, chewing with betel nut among the natives like Iban in Sarawak. Of course it is also used as the herbal cure to premature ejaculation. Nowadays, not only Sarawakian has the privilege of using Gambir Sarawak for delaying ejaculation; it has gained its popularity worldwide as the effective natural herb to help men to last longer in bed. In Borneo, there is even train station or street named after Gambir.

Gambir Sarawak comes in liquid form for easily application. It comes in small bottle of 10ml. And each bottle can be applied around 15 times.

How To Apply Gambir Sarawak?

It is very easy to apply Gambir Sarawak. Simply rub a little bit of Gambir Sarawak liquid onto the head of your penis and wait about fifteen minutes for it to take full effect. You can wash the penis before having sex. There will be no side effect as it is herbal product. You can check out the Video Instruction on the left to learn how to apply Gambir Sarawak.

The astringent properties of Gambir Sarawak delay the ejaculation reaction without numbing sensation. It also gives a menthol and tingling sensation to the private part, which other products like Jamaican Stone cannot offer. There are a lot of products in the market which claim to help men to last longer in bed are actually numbing the penis and therefore lessen the fun of love making! Of course the results may vary across different people, but generally Gambir Sarawak still deliver consistently good result and that is why it is so popular among local people and now gaining its popularity worldwide.

Nothing is ingested, there is no residue left when Gambir Sarawak is applied. There are some extra bonuses that come together with delaying ejaculation. Gambir Sarawak also helps to enlarge the penis! Your female partner will be able to tell the different when you are deep inside her. If you are woman checking out premature ejaculation treatment for your male partner, you may want to know that there have been reports that women using Gambir Sarawak love the burning sensation on their clitoris/labia and have achieved multiple orgasms due to the tingling sensation and the prolonged performance by their lover.

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing product! Ever since I started using Gambir, both me and my girlfriend have noticed a huge improvement in our sex life. The best part is it didn’t even reduce any sensitivity at all, and the sex actually felt better because of that nice minty feeling it gives you.
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It is not something I love to brag about but I must say I am glad to have come across Gambir Sarawak which really help me to last longer in bed. I also like that little menthol feeling that Gambir Sarawak gives me. Surprisingly it helps make my penis grow bigger too.
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This Gambir Sarawak gives me the longest, hardest ever erection in my life. It brings my confidence back and makes me more sexually appealing without the use of drug. With Gambir Sarawak, I am getting all natural, organic erection with no strange side effect afterward.
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If you are practising Kegel exercises which tones the muscles in your penis to help you last longer in bed, you can be assured that Gambir Sarawak will work better and even give you immediate result as compared to the time consuming Kegel exercises. You only need 15 mins for Gambir Sarawak to work. It also works better than the Jamaican Stone!

Premature ejaculation? Tension between you and your partner? Want a natural remedy for premature ejaculation that won't cost you a ton of time, money and effort? Then you want Gambir Sarawak, the natural and safe remedy for premature ejaculation. Order now and you will get your product in a discreet package with discreet shipping and billing details. It's completely Safe and very Effective.