What is Gambir Sarawak

Gambir Sarawak is an amazing natural herbal product that is swiftly rising in popularity to replace the Jamaican Stone for Premature Ejaculation.

The scientific name of Gambir Sarawak Uncaria Gambir. It is a herb found only in Sarawak, Borneo. The finish product of Gambir Sarawak is actually the extract from the leaves of Gambir Plant. Gambir Sarawak has always been taken as food, chewing with betel nut among the natives like Iban in Sarawak. Of course it is also used as the herbal cure to premature ejaculation. Nowadays, not only Sarawakian has the privilege of using Gambir Sarawak for delaying ejaculation; it has gained its popularity worldwide as the effective natural herb to help men to last longer in bed. In Borneo, there is even train station or street named after Gambir.Gambir Sarawak comes in liquid form for easily application. It comes in small bottle of 10ml. And each bottle can be applied around 15 times.

How it Works

Gambir Sarawak, is easy to use. Apply some of the Gambir Sarawak liquid onto the head of your penis and wait about fifteen minutes for it to take full effect. You can wash the penis before having sex (there are lots of fun things that can be done sexually in fifteen minutes!). You can check out the video:

What’s They Said

“Hey, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing product! Ever since I started using Gambir, both me and my girlfriend have noticed a huge improvement in our sex life. The best part is it didn’t even reduce any sensitivity at all, and the sex actually felt better because of that nice minty feeling it gives you. The delivery was fast, the product was great, and me and my girlfriend have never been happier! I can’t thank you enough!”

Michael from Canada

“It is not something I love to brag about but I must say I am glad to have come across Gambir Sarawak which really help me to last longer in bed. I also like that little menthol feeling that Gambir Sarawak gives me. Surprisingly it helps make my penis grow bigger too. My partner told me that so it can’t be wrong.”

Bob from USA

“HThis Gambir Sarawak gives me the longest, hardest ever erection in my life. It brings my confidence back and makes me more sexually appealing without the use of drug. With Gambir Sarawak, I am getting all natural, organic erection with no strange side effect afterward.”

John from the UK


100% pure herb




Better Sex Life



The Advantage of
Herbal Cures For Delaying Ejaculation


Maybe you care about going green, maybe you don’t, but herbal cures to premature ejaculation are completely eco-friendly; they degrade quickly and cleanly and they don’t leave any residue-anywhere! They are also filled with simple ingredients; Gambir sarawak for example has one ingredient: the bark of the Gambir shrub and the water! Being able to pronounce the ingredients in your products is not only a sign that it is eco-friendly, but also very comforting.


Herbal cures to premature ejaculation range wildly in cost, but generally speaking, they are cheaper. Gambir sarawak for example is under twenty dollars as compared to the leading pills that are sixty dollars or more. It also doesn’t take much to be effective; Gambir sarawak for example only requires a few drops in order to be effective. This means you get more bang for your buck; something that is decidedly advantageous in our cash strapped world.

No Worries about Sensitivities

Many men are sensitive to things found in the pills or other products. Generally the problem comes about because these products have to be ingested and this can wreck havoc with a man’s digestive system, especially those who have issues such as ulcers. With herbal products, this worry is cut down and if the product is something like Gambir sarawak that doesn’t even need to be ingested, the worry is cut down even further. Herbal products are generally much safer on the one taking it than the chemical products.


There is always a fear that herbal cures for premature ejaculation aren’t as effective as those that are chemical. Happily, this isn’t the case for many of these products. Herbal products, when made properly, as just as effective if not more so than their chemical counterparts and are far safer. Gambir sarawak for example is very effective and delaying ejaculation and it works quickly too. You don’t have to wait all day for it to kick in and it can be used repeatedly without harm to your health.

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